More Norn Claus, and Charr Deer

Since I was already departing from my usual method of working I figured why not go all the way. Enjoy, and Happy Wintersday.

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Completed art Norn-Claus and Charr Deer

The deadline is near for the Wintersday Workshop, and so are my many other deadlines. I fee like this is a good point to say this piece is complete. It’s an unusual departure in technique from my usual work, but I had fun so I might try the painterly look more in the future.


click image to enlarge. 

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Even more refinement

I can’t wait to start the next phase! Only one Asura lil’ helper left to add.

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I think i’m overworking myself (on other projects) maybe…. I ended up with an insanly stiff neckcramp yesterday. To the point where I had to stop part way through this drawing.  So much to my chagrin I got some rest, and now I’m ready to attack the drawing board again!

Color sketch

Trying out the colors and textures. I’m more satisfied with the composition now that I can make out the forms better.

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Wintersday is here

It’s wintersday in Guild Wars, and I’ll be posting my progress for the wintersday workshop 2011. It’s all about guild wars and artist growth. There’s awesome prizes to boot. So wish me luck!